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How To Use The Nanolux LEDex Series

Nanolux LEDex Series are an excellent choice for commercial cultivation. But what about the unique needs of indoor and outdoor plants?

Unlike traditional light sources, LEDs have many benefits for growing crops and provide an overall increase in yield. They also reduce electrcity by around 30%.

The new Nanolux LEDex Series are designed for commercial cultivation.

They offer a wide variety of advantages over traditional light sources.  By using LEDexs, it reduces electric usage and improves crop yield. They are available in different colours and are modular, allowing you to customize and build your own grow room.

The design of the Nanolux LEDex series make it very easy to install and customize. You can buy them in track lengths of two feet, four feet, and eight feet. Each track can accept 2-4, 4-8, or 8-16 light bars. The modules also offer the added benefit of a built-in protocol system for dimming and turning on.

The Nanolux LEDex is lightweight and a compact fixture. Its patented modular design makes it easy to hang. The flexible system offers a random or soft start capability and can be controlled through a protocol system. This versatile LED fixture is also designed to withstand multiple voltages, including 0-10V.

In addition, it is IP65-rated and can be used in any location. The light output from these LEDs is extremely uniform, which ensures maximum safety.

These fixtures also have dimming capabilities and can be used in a variety of applications. Including interior and exterior LED lighting.

The Nanolux LEDex series can be used independently as a sidelight, without the need of a track.

The Nanolux LEDex Series can be purchased individually, and are sold in case quantities.

The fixtures can be turned on and off through a protocol system. Thereby providing the desired umol count. It is portable, durable and enables installation in the most challenging of areas.

A modular approach is the key to the Nanolux LEDex series. The individual bars come in at 110w each and they allow users to use the number of light bars as needed. The fixture can be adjusted to suit your needs, and maintain the desired PPFD.

There are many other advantages to this LED. Heat in a grow space is lowered as LED lights produce a lot less heat to the old HPS lights.

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Here is a video that show the lighting and tracks.

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