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Adjusta-Wing Reflector

An Adjust-A-Wing Reflector is an advanced, patented design that provides high reflectivity at an affordable price.

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An Adjust-A-Wing Reflector is an advanced, patented design that provides high reflectivity at an affordable price. Its patented Super Spreader evenly distributes the footprint of the reflector.

This patented technology provides eight to ten percent more light than traditional air-cooled reflectors. These reflectors are more efficient than most over-reflectors. And can increase yield per lamp by up to 50%.

The Adjust-A-Wing Reflector also reduces heat, and saves power.

The Adjust-A-Wing Reflector can be adjusted to achieve the proper light spread for your needs. Made of 95% reflective German stucco aluminum.

The Adjust-A-Wing can increase the growing area under each lamp by seventy-five percent. The Adjust-A-Wing increases yield per lamp by as much as fifty percent. The adjustable reflector is sold in 17 countries across four continents, and is a favorite among top growers.

The Adjust-A-Wing is the best reflector for your growing needs. Its patented design and Super-Spreader heat-deflectors. Allow you to adjust the distance between the reflector and the growing area. While still offering a wide spread of light.

You can even adjust the focus of the light, depending on your specific needs. Unlike inferior reflectors, this adjustable reflector will not lose its reflective quality for 20 years.

Adjust-A-Wing Reflector comes in sizes of Medium and Large.  Adjust-A-Wings are known for their adjustable design, that can be set in 3 positions via tension in the cable. This allows several seasons to be replicated. So the intensity, spread and penetration can all be changed on the fly. To provide the best light to suit your plants.

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Adjust-A-Wing Reflector

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