Advanced Nutrients Big Bud


Advanced Nutrients Big Bud

The Premium Plant Additive, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud is a comprehensive mixture of elements that boost flower and fruit growth.

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The Premium Plant Additive, Advanced Nutrients Big Bud is a comprehensive mixture of elements that boost flower and fruit growth. Also makes your plants healthier and stronger.

It provides the nutrients essential to heavier fruits and blooming. And because coco is grown as a tropical plant, its inclusion in your coco growing process will increase the quality of your crops. To get started, simply add a teaspoon of Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Coco to the soil.

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud is a convenient liquid fertilizer that boosts the flowering process.

When added to your soil or hydro tanks, Big Bud helps your plants grow taller and wider, and increases their harvest weight.

Big Bud also contains a spectrum of bud potentiator ingredients, including L-cysteine, which signals the assembly of more buds. So, use it every day to ensure the best yield and quality from your plants! Big Bud is made from 20 L-form amino acids, all carefully chosen by world-class plant scientists.

It is the best bloom enhancer on the market. It’s packed with potent nutrients that boost flower weight, density, and potency. It is compatible with any feed program. It increases the ppm of solution by 300 and improves the health of your plants.

The formula also contains potassium phosphate and sulphate, which are key components of flower building. The recommended dosage for Big Bud is 0.17 fl oz per 33.8 oz of water. Big Bud can be added to the recirculating system as an additive. It’s best to apply Big Bud when pre-flowers appear and 15 days after the change of the photoperiod.

If you use Big Bud on your plants in continuous water irrigation, you won’t have to worry about pH adjustment. Simply add it to your irrigation water and continue until your flowers have become fat.

You should never spray the leaves with this product.

It is best to follow the directions on the bottle to ensure the best results.

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