Advanced Nutrients Sensizym


Advanced Nutrients Sensizym

Advanced Nutrients Senizym is a plant growth supplement that breaks down dead root matter to provide plants with a nutritious meal.

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Advanced Nutrients Sensizym is a plant growth supplement that breaks down dead root matter to provide plants with a nutritious meal.

The product is comprised of powerful enzymes that increase the uptake of nutrients and improve plant health. It is suitable for the vegetative stage. And helps plants achieve explosive blooming during their flowering phase.

It also enhances the immune system of plants and protects them from diseases.

Unlike most other products, Advanced Nutrients Sensizym is formulated to break down dead root mass. Starches, Carbohydrates, and other nutrients in the soil.

It also assists in water transfer and catalyzing the formation of biochemical reactions. Sensizym also helps plant cells reproduce faster and more efficiently.

The product is compatible with most common plant types, and can be applied to soil and other surfaces.

Advanced Nutrients Sensizym is made up of over 80 bioactive enzymes.

Enzymes boost the absorption of nutrients and promote the growth of new roots, as well as flowering.

The enzymes are three times more effective than those found in competitive fertilizers. Unlike other enzyme-based fertilizers, Sensizym never loses its potency. It is compatible with Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow and Bloom.

Sensizym is designed to break down dead plant material in the root zone and provide vital nutrients for vigorous growth.

The product feeds beneficial bacteria in the root zone. Growers and plant scientists have confirmed that Sensizym is beneficial and safe for their plants. Because it is 100% organic, it is also a great investment for both indoor and outdoor use. This product is ideal for all phases of growth, from early bloom through harvest.

It is best to follow the directions on the bottle to ensure the best results.

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