Blue Lab CF Truncheon


Blue Lab CF Truncheon

Blue Lab CF Truncheon meter is the messure the EC, which is the nutrient within your water tank and solution.

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Blue Lab CF Truncheon meter is used to messure the EC, which is the nutrient within your water tank and solution.

The Blue lab CF Truncheon is an excellent way to measure your nutrients in hydroponic growing systems. Its super tough design, high quality, and fully waterproof. Construction make it a great choice for any hydroponic grower.

Its bright blue LEDs are daylight-readable and there is no need to calibrate it. It has no on/off buttons to mess with. You can even use it in your garden without worrying about muddy water.

This nutrient solution tester measures the nutrient concentration in your solution. Displays the results in PPM, MS/CM2, and CF.

The Blue Lab CF Truncheon is easy to use and has a long battery life.

It can be used to stir your nutrient solution or check its concentration. This nutrient test kit will save you time and money. Blue Lab is one of the leading brands of nutrient meter systems.

The Blue lab CF Truncheon is one of the most reliable and popular nutrient strength meters on the market. This nutrient strength meter measures the electrical conductivity of the nutrient solution, and displays the reading on its LEDs.

The Blue lab CF Truncheon comes with two high-quality electrodes, and a slotted plastic shroud protects them from moisture.

The Blue lab CF Truncheon Nutrient Meter is a handy tool that is widely used by growers to monitor nutrient concentration in their plants.

It is waterproof and does not require calibration. Its probe is submerged in the nutrient reservoir to accurately read its value. It takes about two minutes to reach a temperature stable enough for metering the concentration. If you’re using it in a commercial environment, the Truncheon is an excellent choice.

You’ll find this video here showing some good information on how EC meters work and how to calibrate.

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