Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit


Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit

Whether you have pH or EC probes, this Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit has everything you need to properly clean and calibrate your pH or EC probes.

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Whether you have PH or EC probes. This Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit has everything you need to properly clean and calibrate your pH or EC probes.

In addition, you will find everything you need for hydrating pH probes. And the cleaning kit includes KCl to disinfect your probes. You can also re-hydrate your pH probes at home using a home made solution of KCl.

The Blue Lab PH Cleaning Kit contains all of the components you need to clean and maintain your pH or EC probes.

This cleaning kit comes with instructions and pH 4.0 and pH 7.0 solutions for cleaning and calibrating your pH probes and EC probes. Using a pH cleaning solution on your probes will prevent damage.

The pH cleaning solution is also a good option for removing scale stains and restoring their pH or EC readings. PH cleaning is very important, as a clean pH probe ensures accurate pH readings.

This will simplify crop management and boost growth. In addition to cleaning your pH probes, you can also prolong their useful life by cleaning the probes regular.

The instrument takes a pH reading on the probe surface. Dirty surfaces will result in inaccurate pH readings.

Cleaning the probe will increase its lifespan, so you will have more accurate pH readings. You will be surprised at how much more useful your pH cleaning kit is.

You’ll find this video here showing some good information on how EC meters work and how to calibrate.

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