Blue Lab PH Soil Meter


Blue Lab PH Soil Meter

Blue Lab PH soil meter is for messuring the PH of the soil for hard water or soft water, Natural PH is around 7.0.

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Blue Lab PH soil meter is for messuring the PH of the soil for hard water or soft water, Natural PH is around 7.0. Vegetative growth should be around 6.2 and should drop to around 5.8 once you switch over to the flowering cycle.

Whether you’re a hobby farmer or a professional gardener, a Blue Lab PH soil meter can help you diagnose soil pH problems. This handy tool measures the pH level of soil directly or by measuring the pH solution. It should be placed 20cm beneath the soil surface and should not be used on rocks or stones.

The meter itself is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. You can use it for many types of soil, including cropping, pasture, turf culture, and containerized plants.

A Blue lab PH soil meter is easy to use, and it’s highly accurate.

It comes with comprehensive instructions on how to measure soil pH. The meter’s easy-to-read display makes measuring easy.

This handheld digital meter is ideal for both commercial and home-based food-growing applications. A meter’s pH value strongly affects the growth and performance of crops, so it’s important to know the exact level of the soil in order to ensure optimal growth.

The Blue lab PH soil meter measures soil pH in 0.1-point increments and is fully temperature compensated. It can be used on soil, coco fibre, and potting mix, as well as in water or nutrient solutions. You’ll want to calibrate it before using it on any new soil. The pH Pen’s sensitivity makes it ideal for measuring soil pH in a variety of conditions.

You’ll find this video here showing some good information on how EC meters work and how to calibrate.

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