BN Roots – Root Growth Stimulator


BN Roots – Root Growth Stimulator

The BN Roots product promotes faster radical growth, improved root health, and enhanced nutrient efficiency. Great for slow growth or a poor root systems

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The BN Roots product promotes faster radical growth, improved root health, and enhanced nutrient efficiency. If your plants are experiencing slow growth or have poor root systems, BN Roots can help.

BN Roots is a stimulant that can be used on a regular basis. To make it even more convenient, it is miscible with most types of fertilizers, including BioNova and universal. Get started, you can add to your nutrients.

BN Roots To Start Your Grow.

Use about eight to five ml per 10 litres of water.

Apply the product to the roots when your plants reach the third leaf node. The product works by increasing the root size. Also, it enhances photosynthesis. This increases yield. In addition, Bionova Roots can be used to enhance the growth of your plants.

The BN Roots product is a roots stimulant. Healthy growth depends on healthy root development. It contains humic and varesh acids. It is enriched with vitamins B1 and B7.

The product comes in 250-ml and 1 Litre bottles.

On all tested crops, Bionova Roots promotes faster and quicker root development, more root hairs, greater food absorption, greater stress resistance, more efficient nutrient use, and higher yields.

Unlike most other products, Bionova Roots is safe for both human and environment. So, don’t hesitate to try it out. You will be glad you did.

How may BN Roots be used?

From the first week of growth until the first three consecutive weeks after application, Bionova Roots should be used. All Bionova fertilisers, stimulators, minerals, universals, and substrates are admixable with Bionova Roots. Both foliar spray and irrigation can be done with Bionova Roots.

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