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Canna Flores

Canna Flores is a top quality nutrient used in the flowering phase.

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Canna Flores

Canna Aqua Flores is a top-quality and complete nutrient used through-out the flowering phase. Trusted world-wide by many hobby and professional growers.

Used for Flood and Drain systems, NFT and many other recirculating type systems.

Canna AquaFlores is one of the best nutrients for plants, as it contains all the nutrients that plants need to grow and thrive. This nutrient amendment is available in the proper proportions during the flowering phase of a plant’s life cycle. During the prolific flowering phase, a plant’s nitrogen needs decrease, and its phosphorus and potassium requirements increase.

Flores is a professional-grade nutrient that’s especially made for flowering plants. It’s the perfect solution for growing plants in pots or in recirculating systems. Despite the nutrient composition, the product is easy to use and dissolves quickly. It contains the correct ratios of potassium and phosphorous, allowing you to have a healthy and productive garden.

Aqua Flores is a professional two-part fertilizer specifically designed for flowering plants.

It contains the correct balance of potassium and phosphorus and encourages fruit formation. It provides plants with the characteristic flavour of a plant. It’s perfect for growing in a recirculating system. A complete two-part nutrient made up of A & B for flower phase.

Canna is easy to apply and provides maximum results.
It has the proper amount of potassium and phosphorous that stimulates fruit formation and flavour.

It also has all the nutrients essential for a healthy and beautiful plant. Unlike other nutrient solutions, Flores is very suitable for beginners.


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Used in connection with the Canna boost Accelerator, can produce even greater results. Also, adding a little Rhizotontic will create healthy roots and give bigger flower formation.

Available 1L, 5L and 1o Litres

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