Canna PK 13-14


Canna PK 13-14

Specially development to be used within the flowering cycle.

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Canna PK 13 – 14

Canna PK 13-14 contains a mix of top-quality nutritional minerals that promote flowering and stimulate the growth of plants. This fertilizer is easy to use and provides high yields.

It is suitable for all types of growing mediums and only needs to be applied once a week. It is easy to apply, so you won’t need to be a gardening expert to use it.

Canna PK 13-14 is a highly-concentrated blend of phosphorous and potassium, two key elements in the flowering phase of fast-growing plants. It is available as a single nutrient and works well with all types of medium.

Suitable for use in soil, recirculation systems, coco, and indoor cultivation. It is recommended to mix it with your regular nutrients, but it’s also possible to combine different Canna products.

Canna PK 13-14 is a unique nutrient solution that contains elevated amounts of potassium and phosphorous.

This formula supports the development of flowers and increases yields. It also improves the flavour of the ripened flowers. PK 13-14 can be applied to plants at any stage of flowering, even after harvest.

It’s not necessary to apply the nutrient to the leaves or stems, but it’s best to do so during flowering and during the first three to four weeks of flower formation.

Widely used around the world and trusted by thousands for it’s great results.

Canna PK 13-14 can be used in combination with –

Hydro Vega

Canna Hydro Flores

Rhizotonic – Root stimulator

Cannazym – Enzyme extract which protects from pathogens/ root rot.

Boost Accelerator – Booster for heavier flowers and yields.

Growing in hydro keeps everything clean and gives a great flavour to flower tops, and good yields. Always check your PH levels along with EC levels. So, with water tanks your nutrients can get a little more concentrated as the water levels drop, so keep them topped up regular.

Available 250ml 1L, and 5 Litres

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