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Coco Medium

If you are interested in starting a Coco Medium growing project, read this short article for helpful advice.

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If you are interested in starting a Coco Medium growing project, read this short article for helpful advice. It will give you an overview of the process, from seedling to harvest.

Coco Medium is an excellent growing medium that retains both moisture and nutrients. It is a lot easier to maintain than soil. It is a great alternative for beginners, and many experienced growers swear by it.

Coco Medium is a natural product that is derived from coconut husks. It is a great alternative to peat as it adds air pockets to the growing medium.

However, the problem with it is that it does not retain water as well as processed soil. This is why coco fibre is used to improve soil drainage and porosity.

Coco Medium are also helpful because they create air pockets in the soil.

The process of using Coco Medium in growing plants is simple.

First, you will need to fill your pots with Coco Medium. Add your plants, water lightly at first with a lighter nutrient mix, and build it up to full strength over the first couple weeks of vegetative growth.

It is always good to have 2/3 weeks of vegetative growth in Coco fibre, to establish good root growth and establish your plants into the medium.

Keep your fibre damp but not wet. Feed throughout the growing cycle daily or at least every other day. Check the EC and PH level from your run-off water and adjust as needed.

You’ll also need to a good amount of flush, from 2 to 3 weeks of just water at the end of harvest. This helps to clear out nutrients, salts and any chemical build up, therefore it also improves your yields, flavours and your final results.

It has long been used for gardening in the West, but the quality of coco was poor and degraded quickly. In the 20th century, however, new methods made it a more durable organic substrate.

This Coco Medium material is more available today for growing and produces great results.

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