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Dutch Pro Cal Mag

Unlike other plant food supplements, Dutch Pro Cal Mag contains the correct ratio of Ca/Mg along with nitrogen, addressing the most common calcium and magnesium deficiencies.

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Unlike other plant food supplements, Dutch Pro Cal Mag contains the correct ratio of Ca/Mg along with nitrogen. Addressing the most common calcium and magnesium deficiencies.

These essential nutrient elements are essential for plant growth and development. and Dutch Pro aims to prevent calcium and magnesium deficiencies by addressing the root cause.

Listed below are some of the benefits of Dutch Pro Cal Mag.

Continue reading to learn more about this plant food supplement. It’s a powerful all-in-one product, offering the best benefits.

Cal-Mag is suitable for use on most types of hydro and substrate. This highly concentrated formula prevents calcium and magnesium tekorten. And can be applied directly to the plant’s leaves or stems using a sprayer.

Its high-quality ingredients will ensure your plants receive maximum benefit. This product is available in two convenient forms: liquid and foliar spray. Mix a small amount of Cal-Mag with water and apply to your plant’s leaves or roots.

Another important benefit of Dutch Pro Cal Mag is its ability to prevent calcium and magnesium deficiency in your plants. Calcium helps build cell walls and activates enzymes that speed up plant processes.

Meanwhile, magnesium enhances photosynthesis and increases sugar production. Combined, these nutrients will ensure your plants have the necessary amount of nutrients to maintain a healthy growth rate. This plant food is very concentrated, so you should only use a small amount for each growing condition.

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