Ecothrive Biosys extends the life of your media


Ecothrive Biosys

Ecothrive Biosys extends the life of your media. Add Biosys every 2-4 weeks via the Veg and Flower, it will help plants grow faster and eat more nutrients.

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In addition to providing nutrients to your plants, Ecothrive Biosys also extends the life of your media. Applying Biosys every 2-4 weeks throughout the Veg and Flower cycles will help your plants grow faster and eat more nutrients.

This product also contains a unique blend of microbes and natural plant growth stimulants. Which improves root zone health. It is compatible with both soil and coco systems and is highly effective.

Ecothrive Biosys contains a blend of microorganisms called phosphurus, which helps plants absorb water and nutrients. These fungi attach to the roots and send out hyphae to absorb nutrients. The hyphae act as tiny roots and help the plant feed itself. The fungi in the product also protect the plant from pathogens and degrade complex organic matter. They live close to the surface of the roots and take nitrogen from the air.

The microbial blend in Biosys consists of 8 species of bacillus. Some species are known to assist mycorrhizae and break down locked-up minerals. Other species include bacterilli, which inhibit potential pathogens and improve root efficiency.

Biosys also contains two types of nitrogen fixing bacteria called Azotobacter and spirillum, which decompose organic matter into nutrients for the plant.

The science To Ecothrive Biosys.

Friendly bacteria and helpful fungi abound in Biosys:

8 Species of Beneficial Fungi Endo Mycorrhizae known to enhance nutrient and water absorption (most importantly, phosphurus). In order to take up nutrients and water, it adheres to plant roots and releases hyphae that resemble tiny roots into the surrounding soil.

Your plant gives the fungal carbohydrates in exchange.

Two species of trichoma

Its primary purpose is to fend against diseases; in fact, it is harmful to other undesirable fungus, like Pythium! Additionally aids in the breakdown of complicated organic substances so that it can be turned into food.

Organisms in the rhizosphere

Two species of bacteria that fix nitrogen. Takes nitrogen from the atmosphere that is easily accessible to your plants while living close to the root surface.

8 Species of Bacillus

Enhances the natural defences of your plants and increases the availability of minerals for them. They also aid in the development and operation of the Mycorrhizae.

Two species of pseudomonas

Decomposes organic debris, promotes plant growth, and offers pathogen protection. Foods that encourage plant growth and microbial catalysts Humic acid, seaweed extract, proteins, amino acids, and carbohydrates. They support the root zone microbial growth in Biosys.

Some of these foods also serve other purposes. For example, humic acids enhance nutrient exchange in the growing medium, while seaweed extract and amino acids promote plant growth.

Available In 10g, 50g and 250g.

Here is a great video on Ecothrive Biosys.

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Ecothrive Biosys

10g, 50g, 250g


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