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Dechlorinate Tap Water With Ecothrive Neutralise, to dechlorinate tap water, you must use a product such as Ecothrive Neutralise.

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Dechlorinate Tap Water With Ecothrive Neutralise, to dechlorinate tap water, you must use a product such as Ecothrive Neutralise. This product will break down the chlorine compounds in tap water to chloride. This form is harmless to microbes and plants.

Chloramine is the more stable form of chlorine. It is also more effective at killing bacteria. However, chloramine is not good for watering plants. Using a product like Ecothrive Neutralise. Will help to avoid this issue and give you the best water possible for your plants.

If you feed your plants with tap water, you should use a product like Ecothrive Neutralise.

This product is easy to use, with a dilution rate of 1 drop per litre. Neutralise can be used alongside any other nutrient regime, and is ideal for a larger garden. To use it alongside your existing nutrient regime, you can add it to the water before you add beneficial organisms.

This product will instantly dechlorinate tap water and protect microbes from harmful chloramine and other additives.

Neutralise is an excellent choice for soil, coco, and hydroponic systems. It also works great as a pre-treatment for irrigation water. As long as you don’t have a water filter, Neutralise will make your water the best it can be. So, why not start today?

How Does It Function?

The tap water in the UK is chlorinated and chloramined. An effective disinfectant is chlorine. A more reliable alternative to chlorine, chloramine is far more potent at eliminating bacteria.

When you’re just drinking water, this is fantastic. However, when you’re watering plants, it becomes a problem. The good life in your media or additives will be wiped out by the chloride and chloramine in water if you don’t remove it. Enzymes, proteins, bacteria, and other living microbes are all oxidised by them.

With Ecothrive Neutralize, you may now rapidly eliminate it. To oxidise the chlorine and chloramine, it contains vitamin C. Chlorine molecules are quickly converted to chloride, which microorganisms cannot affect. Actually, plants require this vitamin (at very low levels).

You only need one drop per litre or one millilitre every 20 litres.

What to Do

Add one drop of Ecothrive Neutralize to each litre of water in your tank or container, or one millilitre to every 20 litres.

Available In 50ml and 250ml.

Here is a great video on Ecothrive Neutralise.

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Ecothrive Neutralise

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