Gowd Bio Bug Killer


Gowd Bio Bug Killer

Gowd Bio Bug Killer is a organic pesticide and leaf nutrient, which protects and enhances plants on touch

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Gowd Bio Bug Killer is a organic pesticide and leaf nutrient, which protects and enhances plants on touch.

(BBK), Gowd Bio Bug Killer is totally organic and safe to use on your plants. Helps to kill and repels white fly, plant lice thrips and spider mite. Forms a thin layer on plant leaves after spraying. Immediate absorption when touches the plants directly, enhancing nutrients also present in BBK.

The Gowd Bio Bug Killer is a unique combination of a natural organic pesticide and leaf and nutrient enhancer.

The formula consists of a unique blend of plant nutrients that repel and kill a variety of pests while providing immediate nutrient absorption. The formula is 100% organic and meets the standards of organic farming.

BBK requires direct contact to work, by forming a protective layer over the leaf, pest are unable to penetrate the juices of plants and it repels them on taste and contact.

Can be used up to the first 4 weeks and can be sprayed 3 or 4 times in a week if needed. Must also be spayed in the dark, as BBK become less effective in full light.

To use, simply add the Gowd Bio Bug Killer in to a spray bottle and away you go, making sure you spray and make contact on all leafs and branches.

It is best to follow the directions on the bottle to ensure the best results.

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Available 5L and 10L

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