Grodan Rockwall Cubes


Grodan rockwall cubes.

If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own plants but couldn’t find the right medium, consider buying Grodan rockwall cubes.

Please use the drop down menu for the correct rockwall cube size. (3″ Small/Large Hole | 4″ Small/Large Hole | 6″ and 8″ Cubes).

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If you’ve ever wanted to grow your own plants but couldn’t find the right medium, consider buying Grodan rockwall cubes.

Designed for indoor cultivation, these cubes are made of rockwall and come in a variety of sizes.

Choose from wrapped cubes, or granulate propagation bags. The granulate cubes have no holes, but they are 1.5″ taller than the standard size cubes.

One of the benefits of rockwall is its ability to promote root growth and prevent root rot.

Grodan Rockwall Cubes are made with the highest density of any growing medium available.

The material’s high density improves EC distribution and insulation, which are vital for plant growth.

Additionally, rockwall’s high density improves wicking and dispersion of moisture, increasing nutrient-fueled sites. Designed to fit perfectly with the standard 1020 propagation trays, the propagations blocks are easy to transfer to conventional growing mediums.

Grodan Rockwall grows well in hydroponics, and its granular stone wool is made from volcanic rock. These fibres are 100% pathogen-free and allow plants to draw water and nutrients from the air.

A growing medium made from rockwall also has a higher yield than clay or plastic. With these benefits, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to grow and save money in the process!

While rockwall is a useful resource in a hydroponics growing system, it does come with its drawbacks.

It must be prepared before starting seeds and rooting cuttings. In addition, rockwall cubes are susceptible to high pH levels, which can interfere with the growth of plants. Alway check PH level regular to keek the correct level of PH.

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