Growth Technology Nitrozyme


Growth Technology Nitrozyme

Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a bio-stimulant that helps speed up the growth of plants and it comes from sea plants.

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Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a bio-stimulant that helps speed up the growth of plants and it comes from sea plants.

In normal growing conditions, plants reach only 30-40% of their genetic potential. Stresses, including hot and cold temperature fluctuations, soil imbalance, and nutritional deficiencies, limit plant growth. These stressors impair the production of natural plant growth hormones called cytokinins.

These hormones help regulate delicate physiological processes. Without sufficient amounts of cytokinins, plant growth is stunted. Nitrozyme can help alleviate these stresses and provide a more vigorous plant with higher yields.

Growth Technology Nitrozyme is a concentrated organic formula made from sea plants.

It contains a variety of bio-stimulants, micronutrients, and natural growth enhancers to boost plant growth and speed. It can be applied directly to plants during seedlings, young plants, and vegging.

Its unique, fast-acting formula speeds up plant growth and reduces the time it takes to reach flowering. It’s a natural product that’s effective with any type of plant growing medium or grow system. If you’re considering using Growth Technology Nitrozyme in your growing environment, be sure to do so in a controlled environment.

This product is produced under strict quality standards and is approved by Government regulators. It comes from the same plant as its name–Ascophyllum nodosum–which is a marine fungus found in the Norwegian Sea and Northern Atlantic Ocean. It grows on sea rocks and thrives in both warm and cold water.

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Growth Technology Nitrozyme is available in 100ml, 300ml, 1L and 5 Litres.

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