Hailea HX Water Pump


Hailea HX Water Pump

Hailea HX Water Pump, if you’re in the market for a water pump, consider the Hailea HX Water Pump. This is a high-performance water pump.

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Hailea HX Water Pump, if you’re in the market for a water pump, consider the Hailea HX Water Pump. This high-performance water pump is able to perform a variety of tasks, including pumping fresh and seawater. It is designed for continuous use, and features an ABS plastic case with double-water-cooled structure.

Other uses include oxygen supplying, wave making, and fountains.

Hailea HX Water Pump is an excellent choice for your hydroponic system, and is able to work even in low water conditions.

The Hailea HX Water Pump comes in sizes of HX1050, HX3100, HX6500.

These Hailea HX Water Pump range has fully adjustable flow rate regulators for maximum efficiency.

They are also available with oxygen intakes, which can make them perfect for your hydroponics system. Water pumps are the life blood of most hydroponic systems, many can not run without one.

They are used to pump water and nutrients up to root zones to feed plants. Mostly used on recirculating systems and some run to waste tray and pot systems.

One downside to running a pump-feed system is when you get electric power outages, this can make pump fail for a few hours. You can still go in and manually feed plants, it just makes it a hassle if you not there when the power goes out.

Sizes are used for different size systems and trays for grow rooms. Flood and drain, old NFT tables. Larger pumps are use on large Ebb and Flow, large deep water culture system. Pumps are used to run your growing system, and can also be used to drain the tank ready for cleaning each week. Fill your tank eack week with fresh nutrient solution and pump is ready to go again.

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HX 1050, HX 3100, HX 6500


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