Lumii Black Reflector


Lumii Black Reflector

This Lumii Black Reflector is a Dutch Barn Style Euro Reflector. It is low-cost, it also comes with a lamp holder and 5m cable lenght.

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This Lumii Black Reflector is a Dutch Barn Style Euro Reflector. It is a low-cost, effective reflector that comes with a lamp holder and 5m of cable set. The dimpled aluminium finish, revised reflective angles, and curved corners make it a great buy.

It also features a parabolic fold that extends above the lamp. It is perfect for low-mounting locations. The Lumii Black Reflector Metal Magnetic Ballast Kit comes with an open ended reflector. It is also well-ventilated and has an IP 20 rating. It runs at 2.9A. This is a versatile light source for your garden.

The Lumii Black Reflector comes with an IEC cable that is 4 meters long.

Lumii brand means quality workmanship. It features an E40 socket for universal use and features V moulding for better light scattering. Also compatible with a range of lamps, including 600W HID bulbs. It is not recommended for use with 1000W HID bulbs. Its dimpled wings also ensure a high-quality light output.

These reflectors have a great light output and are great for large grow areas as well as smaller grow spaces. Recommended to be used with the 600watt, but can also be used with a 250watt and the 400watt lamps.

As these reflectors are open ended, this allow light to travel all over the grow rooms, and bounces around ones plants a little more. Having the correct reflectors in ones grow space will make all the difference to over all results. Using the Lumii Black Reflector couldn’t be any easier, add your lamps and don’t over tighten them. Plug it into your Lumii ballest, plugin to your timer set it and away you go…

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