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Mammoth p is a highly concentrated nutrient that can be used as a starter or final feed for your hydroponics system.

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Mammoth p is a highly concentrated nutrient that can be used as a starter or final feed for your hydroponics system. The nutrient can be used with any nutrient formula and is safe for all pH buffers. Use 0.6 ml per gallon of water or 0.16 ml per liter. Use this product within 6 months of purchase. It is available in bottles of various sizes.

Mammoth p is 100% organic and biodegradable. It increases yield by as much as 16 percent. It also reduces the presence of tank slime and increases the yield of plants. The bacteria that it contains help to unlock the bound nutrients in plants.

Mammoth p also offers other beneficial benefits.

It can be used during bloom and flushing stages to encourage faster phosphorus release. It can even be used after fertilization with Fertoz Organic Granulated Rock Phosphate.

Growcentia developed MAMMOTH P by selectively breeding 100’s of microbial communities from natural soils. These bacteria were selected for their phosphorus cycling properties. This process creates a highly potent nutrient supplement that improves the growth of plants and minimizes plant stress.

Mammoth p increases phosphorus availability for plants during the bloom phase.

It also increases yields by increasing plant nutrient uptake.

The Mammoth p consortium produced metabolites which were used in multiple greenhouse trials to determine the effect of this plant growth-stimulant. These metabolites were tested in combination with fertilizer and water. Combined with fertilizer, Mammoth p(tm) significantly increased yield.

A combination of both has been shown to improve yield up to 16% in plants. This is an impressive result considering that Mammoth is a potent plant growth stimulant.

It is best to follow the directions on the bottle to ensure the best results.

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