Monkey PK 14-15


Monkey PK 14-15

If you’re looking to grow indoors, Monkey PK 14-15 Nutrient Concentrate is an excellent choice.

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Monkey PK 14-15 Nutrients Concentrate

If you’re looking to grow indoors, Monkey PK 14-15 Nutrient Concentrate is an excellent choice.

It is a powerful blend of Potassium and Phosphorus with the highest ratio. The recommended dosage is two millilitres per litre in weeks 5-7 of flowering. It’s recommended to use 2ml of the concentrate per litre during the first two weeks of flowering.

One of the benefits of using Monkey PK 14/15 is that it boosts the budding stage of a plant’s life.

It also provides flowering plants with higher raw materials and increases yield. It stimulates the metabolism of carbohydrate and sugars, and increases fruit yield and quality. The concentration is the highest in the market, so make sure you dilute it before use. This way, you’ll be able to get the best results from your plants.

Monkey PK 14/15 Plant Supplement contains Potassium and Phosphorus. This formula helps to enhance flower production, fruit flavour, and yield.

It is specially designed by UK growers and is formulated for maximum results. The product is made to be highly concentrated, and is best applied to the medium after it has been thoroughly blended with water. However, it must be diluted, so it doesn’t have a strong taste or odour.

Works well with the other monkey nutrients:

The Monkey Grow is used in the vegetative phase. The Root shoot is a root growth booster. Monkey Bloom is for your flowering phase. .

PK 14-15 is used as (Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)) supplement, Giving a big boost to photosynthetis and flower tops.

Overall a great new brand of high-quality nutrients to the market place.

Available In 250ml, 1L, 5 Litres

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