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Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot

Monkey Nutrients’ flagship product, Monkey Root Shoot, was developed in the UK.

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Monkey Root Shoot

Monkey Nutrients Root Shoot, was developed in the UK.

Its unique formulation includes plant extracts with high prohormone content to promote faster root development and maximize nutrient uptake. This formula also features arctic sea kelp, multivitamins, and humic and fulvous acids to promote a healthy root system.

For maximum results, use Monkey Root Shoot in the beginning weeks to help promote masses of new root growth.

Monkey Root Shoot, contains arctic sea kelp, which is a type of algae that grows in extreme environments. The kelp is able to increase plant root growth by stimulating a high concentration of growth hormones.

The supplement also contains fulvous and humic acids, which improve the absorption of nutrients in the roots. It also protects root cells, making them more resilient to environmental stressors.

One of the most popular products in the Nutrients range, Root Shoot is designed to increase the root growth of plants. It stimulates root growth and increases the number of fine root hairs. It also enhances lateral root development and promotes new root growth.

A UK-based company, Monkey Nutrients produce all of its products. Root Shoot, is one of the best-selling plants fertilizers available today.

We all know roots are the building blocks of any plants and healthy roots means healthy plants. In-turn, having many healthy roots will give bushier plants and much bigger flower tops.

The Monkey Root Shoot works well with other monkey products:

The Monkey Grow is used in the vegetative phase. Monkey Bloom is for your flowering phase. .

PK 14-15 is used in the flowering phase and is a (Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K)) supplement, Giving a big boost to photosynthetis and flower tops.

Overall a great new brand of high-quality nutrients to the market place.

Available In 300ml, 600ml and 1.2 Litres

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