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Newa Therm Pro

Newa Therm Pro is a heater for aquariums that is fully submersible. Can also be used for heating hydroponics water tanks.

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Newa Therm Pro is a heater for aquariums that is fully submersible. Can also be used for heating hydroponics water tanks.

With its excellent mechanical and thermal resistance and use of high performance heating components, Therm Pro Newa ensures operation in total safety. A microprocessor for electronic control of the fixed temperature ensures maximum accuracy while functioning. The current condition and operation of the Heater are displayed via a bi-colour LED.

Thanks to a temperature indicator on the upper cap, temperature setting is quick and simple.

The Newa Therm Pro is an excellent submersible aquarium heater for the aquarium in your home.

Its thermometer temperature indicator and micro-processor temperature control make this heater virtually unbreakable. This unit also comes with a temperature indicator LED on the upper cap.

It’s suitable for tanks up to 400 litres. It comes with strong support clips and suction cups to ensure secure anchorage. You can purchase a Newa Therm Pro in four different sizes and see what works best for you.

The temperature indicator is easy to read and set. It also has an electronic temperature control system that allows you to set the ideal temperature for your tanks. The thermostat features a high mechanical and thermal resistance tube for durability. It is also capable of displaying the temperature you have set in the capuchon.

The Newa Therm Pro is a great option if you want to warm up cold water in your hydroponics tanks.

Heating your water and nutrient solution will help plants roots to stay warm and healthy. If your not warming the water, then your plants slowly lock up and find it hard to take up nutrients. This in-turn will slow your grow and plant growth. Place a Newa Therm Pro in your tank of nutrients and see a huge differance in growth.

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