Original Can Lite filter


Original Can Lite filter

The Original Can Lite filter are designed with convenience in mind, but also built to last. They are made with 100% Australian Granulated Carbon.

Carbon filter size. (5″).

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The Original Can Lite filter are designed with convenience in mind, but also built to last.  A flange for easy installation, and 51% open perforations. They come in different sizes and have a long lifespan. Depending on the contaminants they are capturing and the volume of the grow system.

The Original Can Lite carbon filter is available in different types, and they come labelled for easy identification.

The Original Can Lite filter was designed to remove unwanted noise.

They are ideal for ventilation systems that have high performance parameters and long-term use.

Design of the Original Can Lite filter case makes them easy to install and maintain.

The filter is specially made to be less dense than other carbon filters. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and it comes with a built-in flange for easy mounting.

The Original Can Lite filters should be replaced every 18 months.

This Original Can Lite filter contains air channels that only function when the air ducts are functioning properly.

The Can Lite filter is ideal for air cleaners in commercial and residential applications. The service life of the filter depends on the size of the ventilation system and the fan used. If the air ducts are the correct size to fan size, the filter will be effective.

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4", 5"


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