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Ram Combi Duct

Ram Combi Duct is the first lightproof, insulated ducted system that retains its shape when fully extended.

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Ram Combi Duct is the first lightproof, insulated ducted system that retains its shape when fully extended.

It is a high-tensile steel wire helix and is covered with a black PVC outer shell.  The high-tensile steel wire helix forms a barrier against light and vapour. Which prevents the air from entering the duct and causing damage.

Available in 10m lengths, Ram Combi Duct complies with RoHS 2011/65/EU standards and is fire resistant.

Ram Combi Duct has a four-layer structure, identical to that of the Ram Aluduct. It features an internal frame made of strong steel wire, with an airtight PVC outer layer.

Its superior durability and stability is unmatched by any other standard ducting, and it does not emit toxic fumes or gases.  Hence, this ducting system has many advantages over its counterparts.

A four-layer multi-laminated design assures strength and longevity by encasing a high-tensile steel wire helix.  The black PVC exterior is completely plant-safe and acts as a strong vapour/light barrier.  Providing more air tightness than ordinary alloy ducting while being extremely flexible.

The ducting folds its shape with a continuous void due to the four layers (when completely extended).  Offering low pressure drop, no particulate clogging, and low noise when in use.

On the interior, there is a clear layer, while on the outside, there is a black lightproof layer. The foils noise is effectively reduced by the clear layer.

Lightproof RAM Combi Duct Ducting

RAM’s lightproof combi ducting is a four-layer multi-laminated structure with an enclosed high tensile steel wire helix for strength and longevity.  The plant-safe black PVC exterior is a strong vapour/light barrier that guarantees increased air tightness over ordinary aluminium ducting while staying extremely flexible.

This ducting keeps its shape with a smooth void when fully stretched, giving little pressure loss, no particulate clogging, and low noise when in use, thanks to its four-layer structure.

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