Shogun Cal Mag


Shogun Cal Mag

This product prevents and corrects the common deficiencies that may plague your crops.

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Shogun Cal Mag is a calcium and magnesium-based additive that helps enhance plant nutrition. Without adequate levels of these nutrients, plants cannot reach their full potential. This product prevents and corrects the common deficiencies that may plague your crops.

Plants can find deficiences in magnesium, Cal Mag is the right way to help your plants, if needed. First sign are yellowing leaves.

It is also an excellent source of iron that supports the plant’s functions. You can apply this product as a foliar spray or mix it with your regular fertilizer. It is a must-have for any grower.

Shogun Cal Mag has numerous benefits and can improve the health of your plants.

Also, boosts plant growth by increasing nutrient uptake and translocation. It aids the plants in transporting nutrients throughout their growing medium and facilitates a number of essential plant functions.

Therefore, Shogun Cal Mag can also be used as a foliar feed once a week for optimum results. Depending on the pH level of your medium, you can use as much as 15mL per litre per plant.

Shogun Cal Mag is a powerful supplement that can improve the growth of your plants.

It helps plants in transporting nutrients around the plant. This nutrient enhances many of the essential functions of your plants. It can be used once a week or as often as every other week. The recommended dosage is 15ml per litre.

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Available In 250ml 1L, 5L and 10Litres

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