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Shogun Terra Grow

The revolutionary SmartZen ingredient in Shogun Samurai Terra Grow has revolutionized the way soil grown plants are fed.

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The revolutionary SmartZen ingredient in Shogun Samurai Terra Grow has revolutionized the way soil grown plants are fed.

The result is a unique combination of the optimal nutrient balance and advanced biochemistry. Combined with this breakthrough ingredient is the revolutionary SmartZen, cutting edge plant technology.

This product is a complete solution for your growing needs, from the vegetative to the flowering stages.

Here are the advantages of Shogun Samurai Terra Grow:

Shogun Samurai Terra Grow is a mineral-based nutrient solution for soil plants. It contains SmartZen, which boosts photosynthesis, a plant’s natural process of creating sugars from carbon dioxide by up to 8%. This nutrient solution is applied at a rate of two to four ml per litre of water, during the vegetative phase of the growth cycle.

Shogun Samurai Terra Grow contains magnesium, boron, manganese, and other nutrients. It’s best used during the vegetative stage, which is the shorter stage compared to blooming.

The new leaves and stems will be fortified and your plants will be ready for giant yields. The best way to use Terra Grow is in conjunction with Shogun Katana Roots and Shogun terra Bloom.

SmartZen is one of the most important components of the soil-grown plant food. It accelerates the rate of photosynthesis and is essential during the vegetative stage.

Additionally, SmartZen reduces plant stress. Young plants are especially prone to experiencing “transplant shock”. This product contains amino acids, B vitamins, and 7 micronutrients, including iron, sulphur, and magnesium. This unique formula helps your plants development of healthy and strong roots.

Shogun Samurai Terra Grow also works with:

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Available In 1L, 5L and 10 Litres

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