Spray N Grow Thrips Protection Spray


Spray n Grow Thrips Protection Spray

Spray n Grow Thrips Protection Spray by Spray & Grow is a foliar spray that feeds your plants while assisting in the biological control of thrips.

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Spray n Grow Thrips Protection Spray by Spray & Grow is a foliar spray that feeds your plants while also assisting in the biological control of thrips infestations.

Spray n Grow Thrips Protection Spray is fully safe to use at any stage of plant growth due to its organic makeup. Utilizing our spray will guarantee clean, healthy, and green plants. Consequently, your plants will flourish and bloom at their best.

For a +/-20m2 area, 10 litres of spray liquid can be made from 500ml of concentrate.

How does Spray n Grow Thrips Protection Spray function?

Numerous plant extracts and essential oils are used in the patented mix of Plant Protection Spray.

These components work together to offer reliable defence against thrips at all stages. Our spray ensures that plants receive an additional push to hasten their recovery from a thrips infection by including a foliar nutrient.

To avoid being infected by thrips, spray your plants with neem oil. This natural insecticide, found in organic and synthetic forms, works by turning off the hormones in the thrips that cause them to mate and feed. Applying neem oil to your plants will prevent thrips from entering the plant and killing it. Applying a solution of neem oil and soap to your plants will kill thrips without harming the plant.

You should also consider using a pyrethrin-based natural insecticide. Pyrethrin is a naturally-occurring pesticide derived from chrysanthemums. To apply this product, simply spray it on infected plants twice. Generally, it is best to allow four days between applications. When using pyrethrin, use pure pyrethrin to avoid harming bees, fish, and other animals.

Common thrips can wreak havoc on plants and spread many kinds of diseases.

Among them are the tomato spotted wilt virus and impatiens necrotic spot. Thrips are tiny insects that resemble pale roaches and earwigs. They feed on plant sap and cause damage by puncturing leaves, buds, and flowers. Thrips can also transfer viruses to plants, which can make them resistant to pesticides.

Adult thrips are 1 / 50 to 1/25-inch long, with wings that are fringed. Nymphs are smaller and have partially developed wings. They have red eyes. Thrips are easily spotted in plants by using a magnifying glass or a white background. Thrips are common garden pests, and the right solution can make all the difference. There are many thrips control products on the market. Choose the one that works best for your needs.

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