Trolmaster Controller Humidistat Station


Trolmaster controller Humidistat Station

One of the best ways to control your dehumidifier is to use a Trolmaster controller Humidistat Station. Best used in commercial spaces.

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One of the best ways to control your dehumidifier is to use a Trolmaster Controller Humidistat Station. Best used in commercial spaces.

This unit is able to control your dehumidifier through a day/night set point based on photocell status. It also connects to your thermostat wires. If you want to control the humidity in your entire house, you can also use this unit to control your lights and dehus in bulk.

Commercial dehumidifiers are managed by the HS-1 from TrolMaster Controller Humidistat Station

A “low-volt” control option is available on the majority of larger/commercial dehumidifiers, allowing the dehumidifier to be managed by an external humidistat.

The HS-1 functions just like an external humidistat and has the same wiring. The HS-1 eliminates the need to control the high-amperage / inrush current associated with dehumidifiers, making it the best solution to control your dehumidifiers.


Output Voltage:                        24V

Maximum Current:                   1A

Working Environment:             Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity=90%

Packaging Dimensions:          160mm(L) x 86mm(W) x 86mm(H)


LCD Display, Simple to Use

Connection to Hydro-X is seamless

Micro-SD to Upgrade Firmware

Addressing Issues

Play & Plug

Controlling ones grow space on a steady line is a must for the best results. Meaning, if everything is set to the correct setting, eg tempetature, CO2, humiditiy, Dehumidity, Feeding, Air-flow. Then you stand a much better chance of the best results you could produce. This is what the Trolmaster controller 3 in1 Sensor and accessoriess will do for you. Yes it is an expence, however getting better results in the long term, pays for its self.

You’ll also need to take a look at the Trolmaster Humidity Device Station.

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