Trolmaster Humidity Device Station


Trolmaster Humidity Device Station

Control your humidity with the Trolmaster Humidity Device Station. The world is changing, it’s time to move with the changes.

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Control your humidity with the Trolmaster Humidity Device Station. The world is changing and for the best results you have to move with the times.

The Hydro-x may be readily connected to and controlled by ordinary humidifying or dehumidifying devices thanks to the TrolMaster DSH-2 Humidity Control / Device Modules (240V).
The DSH modules have a 10-amp rating. *To prevent current overload, use dehumidifiers that are less than 7 amps.

LED status:

* Green LED blinking swiftly: If the LED is blinking quickly, either the controller has not been addressed to the module, or the module’s connection to the controller is poor.
When a module is first installed, it is addressed or linked by pressing the tiny button on the module.
* Green LED that is flickering slowly indicates that the module is connected to the controller, has been addressed, and is currently switched off.
SOLID green: The modules are addressed, connected, and switched ON if the LED is solid green (not flashing).
* Blinking red: A blinking red LED indicates that the module has been overloaded. Unplug the module from the power source to reset the overload.

Features of the Trolmaster Humidity Device Station

LED Power Indicator
RJ12 Cable Socket
Plug & Play

Trolmaster Humidity Device Station Specification:

Input Voltage: 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Output Current:10A
Output Voltage: 100~240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Working Environments: Temperature 32-122°F, Humidity=90%
Package Dimensions: 85mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 90mm(H)
G.W. per pack: 0.34kgs

The Trolmaster Humidity Device Station works in combination with the Trolmaster Controller Humidistat Station.

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More information on the Trolmaster Controller 3 in 1 Sensor on this video.


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