XTrays Flood and Drain Table 6′ x 3′


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XTrays Flood and Drain Table 6′ x 3′ are of the highest quality and a level of durability unmatched in the industry.

The Classic series features true, full-size dimensions and volume to provide maximum growing area. Made in Canada at their cutting edge thermoforming facility.

XTrays are manufactured with high impact ABS instead of the more common HIPS (Styrene) and can easily withstand temperature fluctuations and the hazards of daily agricultural use.

The multi-level grooved irrigation channels promote fast and thorough drainage. The rounded corners make cleaning a breeze. Our versatile trays include multi drain positions and water level markers on the inside walls.

XTrays Flood and Drain Table 6′ x 3′ Come in white


Inside Dimensions: 71.8”x 35.6”x 7.13”

Outside Dimensions: 77”x 41”x 7.5”


XTrays Flood and Drain Table systems are a clean and fresh for your plants. These trays allow great air-flow around the root zone. While flooding the old air is pushed out, then while draining it pulls new air within the root zone.

Keeping root zone full of fresh air will always allow for faster growth and bigger yields. Plants can also absorb lots more nutrients when the roots are healthy.

XTrays Flood and Drain Table

Designed for hydroponic systems, the flood and drain table is filled with nutrient-rich water and regularly drained to remove the excess solution. The excess water drains away, while air is drawn around the plant roots. The process is controlled by a timer and pump. The X-Trays are the most advanced hydroponic tray systems, employing original design features and improvements to provide better water control.

These system are sometimes called ebb and flow. More information can be found online from many sources.

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